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apco-election-coverageB. Jay Cooper is deputy managing director of the Washington, D.C., office of APCO Worldwide. He served as deputy press secretary to Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush, as director of communications at the Republican National Committee for four chairmen, and as director of public affairs at the Department of Commerce.

Now we’ve moved into the VeepStakes portion of the presidential campaign. Every media outlet has carried the story, listing the A-list, and B-list, potentials to be Mitt Romney’s running mate.

Most say, “I’m happy doing what I’m doing.” Which is about as non-answer as one can get. It begs the next sentence which would be, “and I’d love being vice president of the United States.” It’s unbecoming, though, to say such a thing.

Here are some of the comments you hear:

Marco Rubio says: “I won’t be vice president.” That could mean: “I’ll be the nominee, but we won’t win.”

Paul Ryan says  he’s not giving the prospect “any serious thought.” That could mean: “Even I don’t take that possibility seriously. But if lightning strikes and Mitt asks …. I would give it serious thought.”

Chris Christie at first dismissed the idea but now says Mitt “might be able to convince me.” Duh.

So, the candidates to be candidates will go through their evolution of answers as to what they’d say if Mitt gives them a call. But there’s not more than one among them (not sure who he or she would be, but I’ll leave open the chance) who would say no.

The worst that happens if you run (other than maybe not being able to list what newspapers you read) is that the ticket loses, and you are in the front row to be considered the nominee four years from now. The best is you get to be the vice president.

It is worth more than a bucket of warm spit, if I may say. Not a bad gig. You get your own plane, you are next in line to run for president and you get to advise the Leader of the Free World on the most important issues of the day.

I’m  happy in my current job…but…

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